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Optical Ancillary

Optical Ancillary
Low Vision

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In our office, we now offer various low vision aids and magnifiers to assist you with your daily activities and hobbies. We carry products that may help you when glasses are no longer enough.

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Eschenbach Optik is the leading source of Low Vision aids in the world! They have been manufacturing high-quality optical products for over 90 years, and each year they introduce more innovative products than any other company in the industry.

Low Vision Aid Examples
Low Vision Technology

NoIR Medical Technologies has been providing fashionable, functional and affordable sun filters for the partially sighted, post-operative cataract patients and recreationalists since 1973. With over 50 lenses of differing colors and transmission characteristics, the UVShield filter system manages the light that reaches the eyes to maximize functional vision, enhance contrast and provide comfort against disabling glare. By reducing the overall light transmission and eliminating bothersome frequencies of light, UVShield filters often increase mobility and provide relief from the light-sensitivity, glare, and discomfort related to the onset of macular degeneration and other vision-impairing eye conditions, including night-blindness.

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NoIR Medical Sunglasses Example

Dry Eye Syndrome

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In our office, we now offer various dry eye drops and warm compress applications.

Dry Eye Shields

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