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Low Vision Services

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People with low vision have decreased vision that cannot be corrected with spectacles or contact lenses. It can be caused by trauma, or ocular diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, corneal degeneration or dystrophy, diabetic retinopathy, or others. People with low vision may or may not be legally blind. Due to reduced visual function, they may have difficulty with activities of daily living like reading their mail, preparing a meal, or medical management. They may also have difficulty with different hobbies like reading a newspaper, knitting or seeing the notes while playing a musical instrument.

At the Eye Center of the North Shore, we provide low vision services that include a low vision examination and fitting with various devices to provide improved visual function and independence. During your low vision examination, the level of your visual function will be measured and you will be fitted with low vision aids based on your goals and needs. You may also be referred for in-home low vision therapy with MA Association for the Blind. In our optical shop, we offer various low vision aids and magnifiers to assist you with your daily activities and hobbies. We carry products that may help you when glasses are no longer enough. If you think you have low vision, please speak with your eye care provider to see if a low vision examination may be right for you.

Before the day of your low vision examination, think about the visual tasks you find most difficult. Write them down, so we can discuss them at your appointment. Take a minute to think about where these tasks take place and what type of lighting is available in that location. If you wear glasses, sunglasses, use magnifiers, or any other low vision aids, please bring them with you to your appointment.