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Frame Designs:


Transformation to a global lifestyle brand, anchored in accessories. All over the world the coach name is synonymous with effortless NY style. With exciting new eyewear with creative modern styles, and unique colors.



Eyewear design has been one of Hans Stepper’s most important challenges on frame making, and STEPPER combine design with the focus on fit, and materials. Every year over 150 new styles are released by STEPPER EYEWEAR. With such a talented team and the best development facilities available, it is a pleasure for him to take on the responsibility for all designs. Hans Stepper knows very well that a pair of glasses should fit almost unnoticed, it should not slip, should not create any temporal pressure against the head and no pressure behind the ears. This is where his history as an optician comes into play, and has trained his team in the priority of “Fit and Comfort.”Steppers


Inspired by the intricate designs of fine jewelry, Tura eyewear infuses feminine flair with bold beauty. Elegant and expressive, our frames enhance the style of every woman who wears them. Employing extraordinary materials, jewel like refinements, and an exacting dedication to detail, Tura creates captivating eyewear. Since inventing fashion eyewear over 78 years ago, Tura has reinvented it every season since. Through technical mastery and a passion for precision, we redefine what’s now and what’s next. Especially suited for fashionable women over 30 years old.Tura


Beauty based on harmony. And on self-confident individuality. Silhouette eyewear creates perfect unity with the wearer and, as a result, allows the wearer’s individual beauty and strong personality to shine. The most demanding requirements in terms of design and quality combine with the demand to bring the world closer to the wearer. Silhouette is a brand for people who remain true to themselves and their style. With its Austrian-made eyewear, the company has been setting benchmarks for style, comfort and material since 1964. The design is limitless and constantly surprising, whilst simultaneously being distinctive and unique. Consistent clarity and weightlessness – a timeless statement. Authentic eyewear for authentic people.Silhouette