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Contact Lenses

Woman using Contact LensesThe Eye Center of the North Shore has expertise in the custom fitting of contact lenses for a wide variety of needs. Our experience allows us to fit many patients, who have previously been unsuccessful in comfortably wearing contact lenses, as well as those looking to try contact lenses for the first time.

Your contact lens evaluation is tailored both to your eyes and to your lifestyle and begins with a discussion about your motivations for contact lens wear and your own unique visual needs, which may include particular visual demands for sports, hobbies or work. Your contact lens evaluation includes measurement of the shape and size of the eye, including corneal curvature, corneal diameter, and in some cases, corneal topography (an advanced technology that allows us to create a map of your unique corneal surface) for a precise contact lens fit. In addition, the health of the surface of your eye is carefully assessed to assure a healthy, safe, and comfortable lens fit is achieved.

We offer a full range of soft and rigid contact lenses, and our thorough contact lens evaluation allows us to prescribe the best options for you.